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👉 No Equity Deal Structuring ($1,997 Value)

No Equity deals are the hottest thing going! Because of COVID, millions of homeowners are simply walking away from their properties. This creates a unique opportunity for real estate investors like we have never before seen. When the homeowner wants to walk, this is where we step in and shine. We help them get a fresh start, moving money, and we gain access to a piece of property. We can then rent it, lease it or sell it by offering owner financing. This popular method needs to be “papered” correctly for all parties involved. This system does that!

👉 No Equity Equals Big Profit 1 ($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In part one of a three-part training you will learn how to structure the deal. You will also learn how to qualify the homeowner to see if they are a good fit for this type of exit strategy. On this training, you will learn about the three profit centers and how to load one heavier than the others for today cash. We will also go through ways of finding deals through active marketing and mailing as well as structuring scenarios.

👉 No Equity Equals Big Profit 2 ($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In this part two of a three-part training, you will learn how to write the contract. You will learn why you have the homeowner write a hardship letter. You will also learn the Authorization to Release Information document. Why you need a (POA) Power of Attorney from the homeowner and who will be the Power of Attorney?

👉 No Equity Equals Big Profit 3 ($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In this part three of a three-part training you will learn how to create a seller finance or a wrap-around mortgage. You will learn how to create a promissory note. What is a Deed-in-Lieu and why do you need it in this type of exit strategy? We will also cover all of the steps in review to get a deal like this closed.

👉  Homeowners Agreement ($699 Value)

This training is all about “The Homeowners Agreement.” When dealing with homeowners you have a sales contract. What do you have in writing from them that covers the process of the transaction? The stuff you talk about leading up to the contract getting signed. What about the disclosures, where do they come in? What disclosure are they? You better know this type of training, if not you may end up in a law suit. 

👉  Deeds and Land Trusts ($1,299 Value)

Taking yourself out of the liability of owning real estate when owning the real estate. Using a land trust, which in almost all states never gets recorded, is the best way to hold property. Why not use an LLC? Well, you need to be on this training to see why your LLC can be the beneficiary of the land trust. In this world today we are in a sue happy society. The more you look like you own, the bigger your target gets on your back. This training will change all of that forever.

👉  House Classifications ($299 Value)

You will learn how to classify a house. What type of houses bring in the most amount of money? The classifications go from Class 1-5. On this training we go in detail on how to know what type of house you will want to focus on based on your skills.

👉  Neighborhood Classifications ($299 Value)

After these three trainings, you will know what type of houses, what type of neighborhoods, in what areas that will profit you the most. Buying in the wrong neighborhood could be detrimental to your career!

👉  Area Classifications ($299 Value)

What type of business are you going to market to? Let's look at some of these in the pre-foreclosure business.
Late Leads - they are people that are not in the foreclosure process yet. They are getting ready to go in the foreclosure process because they are behind on their mortgage. Are you going to chase Probate, Foreclosures, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Tax Liens etc. How are you going to market them? What is going to bring you the biggest bang for the buck with marketing? Don’t miss this training.

👉  The Ultimate Fed-Up with Foreclosures Training Program ($997 Value)  

This program gives you the three links that cover all three options in detail. These links will cover Options One through Ten in order. These trainings are a MUST!

The FED-UP Program will change your business in many ways. 
1. Homeowners like FREE stuff. 
2. It's 31 pages and information packed with options. 
3. You know become the expert in your field. 
4. Homeowners will WANT to talk to you.


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  • BONUS #1 -The SORRY I MISSED YOU Handout - $499 Value: This is the paperwork we leave at every single door. It produces an 80% call-back ratio!
  • BONUS #2 - Authorization to Release Information - $299 Value. This document allows you to get bank, medical, credit or any type of information that is needed for your deal!
  • BONUS #3 - Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure - $299 Value. We use this documents on all of our Subject-To’s deals just in case the new owners don’t make their payment. It is the perfect CYA document!
  • ​BONUS #4 - Walk Through Inspection Sheet - $199 Value. When preparing to take a property Subject-To it is imperative that you complete a full walk-through. You won’t miss anything using this document!
  • ​BONUS #5- Rental Agreement - $299 Value. A good rental agreement is hard to come by. This is air-tight so that you won’t have any problems in the future! 
  • ​BONUS #6- Rental Agreement - $299 Value. A good rental agreement is hard to come by. This is air-tight so that you won’t have any problems in the future! 
  • BONUS #7 – A Mortgage Agreement - $299 Value. You will use this mortgage for each deal. Attorneys charge a fortune for this piece of paper and you can’t close a Subject-To without it!
  • ​BONUS #8 – Promissory Note - $299 Value. We like to get every single thing in writing. The more documents; the better the deal will go!
  • ​BONUS #9 – Power of Attorney - $499 Value. DO NOT do a deal without this document. Anything can happen and if it does you will be so happy that you have this document!
  • ​BONUS #10 – Notice of Cancellation - $199 Value. Once in a while you or the homeowner will want out of the deal. Get that in writing as well!
  • ​BONUS #11 – Real Estate Purchase Agreement - $299 Value. Never use a real estate contract that “works in every state.” It does not exist. This agreement shows you exactly how to fill out the agreement for YOUR state!
  • ​BONUS #12 – Assignment of Funds Letter - $299 Value. When closing your deal make certain that you get any money that might be in escrow. There can be a surprising amount of money just sitting there!
  • ​BONUS #13 – Homeowners Questionnaire – Value $199. This document will save you a TON of time. You will know if the homeowner is ready to rock or not!


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